HWLF workshops and lantern day 2020
Lantern workshop programme

The HWLF  is run by  HWLF Inc,  a non -profit NGO / registered charity. The board is made up of   local artists and residents.  HWLF was an initiative of Mylor artist Tony Hannan, Hills artists Rebecca Prince, Zinia King and the Hahndorf Academy.  Lantern day and concert this year is a smaller, COVIDsafer event than our prior years. It will be  a culmination of 7 weeks of workshops with local school students and families.

2020 will be our sixth winter festival following

the Fruhlingsnacht Festival 2015 and the HWLF August 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019.

HWLF would welcome your help and ideas: Contact: admin@hwlf.com.au

PO Box 1264 Mylor SA 5153

You are very welcome to send ideas, feedback and photos from previous festivals.


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